The eLearning authoring tool for high-quality online training.

Our demands on our authoring tool

Expect more from an eLearning authoring tool!

User-friendly authoring tool

It’s in your hand: Create your own content.

It’s easy to build your own content and customize it to your liking: Use our eLearning authoring tool to turn your content into etrainings without any intermediate steps. After just one day of onboarding, you’ll be able to build mobile-ready, interactive, and highly engaging learning formats. And during editing, you can preview the result at any time.

Permanently growing template library

Our design competence as your backup.

You want to focus on the content, but don’t want to compromise on the look & feel? Access our comprehensive template library, already customized to your corporate design, to create high-quality trainings without much effort. Whether you want to engage learners with activating questions or create a knowledge test at the end: With our authoring tool, you can create branded, highly interactive formats to engage your learners.

What is our tool capable of?

Our features.

If you are already creating the content yourself, you should make it as easy as possible. Our authoring tool supports you from design to interaction formats to the release process. So you can focus on what is essential – your content. A few of the most popular features are the following:

  • Huge variety of flexible quiz and content components
  • State-of-the-art look & feel
  • Straightforward SCORM export
  • Full responsive on all devices
  • Adaptable in detail to your CI
  • Lightning-fast preview
  • Well arranged localization
  • Intuitive user management

Do you have a knowledge-gap in you company and would like to outsource the implementation of your training concepts and learning formats?

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