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Making it easy for you and your team: Connecting your existing systems.

To avoid switching between systems, automate processes and enable an optimal, integrated learning experience, we connect traperto Campus to your third-party systems.

Integration of Microsoft & SAP

Functional booster: We connect your learning world with your Microsoft and SAP systems.

Connecting the traperto Campus LMS with your Microsoft world or your SAP IT enables many new application scenarios and supports symbiotic cooperation between the systems involved. During the integration we focuson your daily business and enable many little helpers that work for you unnoticed in the background

Already connected with us

Already compatible with our LMS in the basic version.

Every LMS project is always an interface project. As interface specialists with years of experience, we have already connected many systems for an optimal learning experience:

HR software


By connecting to SAP, we can access HR data, report learning progress and certificates to SAP.


By connecting our traperto Campus to Oracle HCM Cloud we guarantee a smooth transfer of all data necessary and requested by you.

Workday HCM

Workday has its roots in sunny California. Founded in 2005, the company is now big player in the HR software industry. All necessary informations can be exchanged through an interface between Workday and our LMS.


HR Works is a well known HR-Software Company An interface to our LMS enables, among other things, an exchange of personnel data, learning statuses and certificates.

Video conferencing tools

MS Teams – Office 365

By connecting Microsoft Teams to our LMS, it is possible to set up digital training measures such as video conferences and webinars through our LMS and automatically report the presence of the learners to the LMS.


Released in 2012, the video conferencing software Zoom enjoys great popularity with 300 million daily users worldwide. By connecting Zoom, it is possible to hold digital courses, such as video conferences and webinars.


By connecting to Webex, it is possible to hold digital training events, such as video conferences and webinars, via Webex.


By connecting GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting to our LMS, it is possible to set up digital training measures such as video conferences and webinars from the LMS and automatically write back the presence of the learners to the LMS after definable attendance times.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect can be used to organize and deliver webinars and create virtual classrooms.

microsoft stream

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video service where people in your organization can upload, view, and share videos. This makes it easy to share recordings of courses, meetings, presentations, training sessions.


Vitero Inspire

Vitero Inspire is a web conferencing software that can be used to enrich and complement web & video conferencing, live e-learning & training, online events, home office & mobile work. vitero enables smooth changes to different settings and offers an intuitive user interface.

Content libraries

Pink University

Pink University

Pink University is an innovative e-learning provider focused on didactic development of hand-crafted, video-based trainings. By integrating Pink University’s eLearning library, learners gain access to over 75 high-quality eTrainings.


Haufe Academy

The integration of the Haufe Academy gives learners access to one of the broadest eLearning portfolios in Germany. Haufe Akademie has been on the market since 1978 and has become the leading provider of qualification and further education for people.



Coursera offers world-class training developed by leading universities and continuing education companies. Coursera connectivity gives you access to over 5000 courses and more than 1900 projects from universities and companies.

e-learning technology

SCORM v1.2 / 2004

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is the most common specification for eTraining. Videos, quizzes, images, audio files and some more can be integrated into a SCORM training. A SCORM training can provide the LMS with information about whether a training was passed, which answers were given and how many of them were answered correct.


Multi-SCORM offers all the advantages of the traditional SCORM format, plus the added benefit of being able to merge multiple SCORM packages into one file without having to change the integration layer coding.

xAPI (The Experience API)

xAPI, the unofficial successor to SCORM, emerged from the Tin Can project and, in addition to the SCORM format, also offers the option of integrating content external to the LMS and obtaining even more detailed evaluations of e-learning.


AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based-Training Committee) was the first popular e-learning specification developed primarily for the aviation industry. AICC makes it possible to save learning content and questions and exchange the results with an LMS.


Outlook calendar – Office 365

Released in 2013, Microsoft Outlook is the most common email service in the world. By connecting the Outlook calendar to our system, booked trainings are automatically transferred to the user’s Outlook calendar.

Export as .ics/.iCal

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Windows (.ics) or Mac (.iCal): By exporting further training appointments in .ics/.iCal format, appointments can easily be entered into the users digital calendars.


By integrating the personnel planning software from Intrasoft, it is possible to automatically transfer training-absences into the workforce planning software.

Login security

Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator is an online authenticator of the company Alphabet Inc. By connecting the Google Authenticator, we enable 2-factor authentication via smartphone or desktop app.


The Microsoft Authenticator app was released by Microsoft in 2015. The connection of the Microsoft Authenticator allows users a simple 2-factor authentication, e.g. via smartphone.

Hardware Token Generators

The connection of various hardware token generators enables users to use secure, analogue 2-factor authentification.

Signature services


DocuSign Inc. is an eSignature company based in San Francisco, California. By connecting their software to our lms, legally binding digital signatures can be submitted without any problems and electronic agreements can be managed and secured.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a service of the American company Adobe Inc. By connecting Adobe Sign, it is possible to send, sign, track and manage signature processes via a browser or mobile device.


Established in 2010, JN Projects company released the software HelloSign.
HelloSign enables you to send and receive legally binding digital signatures in a highly intuitive way.

Single sign on technology


Developed in 2001 by the OASIS consortium, the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) connection technology is used to exchange authentication and authorization information.


Developed at the University of Michigan, the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) enables the query and modification of user directories as well as the authentication and authorization of users.


The connection technology OAuth (Open Authorization), released in 2012, enables unitized, secure API authorization for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Active Directory

First published in 1999, Active Directory has been continuously developed by Microsoft ever since. By connecting Active Directory we have the possibility to exchange information such as user data and company data with Microsoft Windows servers.

Payment Services


After its founding in 1998, Paypal has become the most used online payment service provider worldwide. By connecting Paypal, payments can be processed directly in our system.


Specializing in the e-commerce sector, Braintree has established itself as a payment service provider worldwide in recent years. The connection to Braintree enables payment of fee-based training measures.

Hamburg software

Hamburger Software is one of the leading German manufacturers of business software for financial accounting, payroll accounting & personnel management. By connecting the software to our LMS, invoices from external participants for trainings can be automatically generated and sent.



The connection of various mobile service providers enables admins and our LMS learners to share information via SMS.


By connecting your intranet, we can transfer system-notifications (notifications about upcoming training courses, assessments, appraisal interviews, approval processes) directly on the individual dashboards of your employees.


Sending system notifications via email enables administrators to communicate in a widely common way with learners.

Import & Export


FTP/SFTP ((Secure) File Transfer Protocoll) is a protocol that enables the exchange of data between servers. Regular imports & exports of learner data, for example in .csv, .asc, .tab or .xlsx format, can be made via an FTP/SFTP connection.


The REST-API (Representational state transfer), published in 2000, is an interface technology that enables the exchange of data and files between 2 parties without time delay.

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