Systematic competence development for all phases of employee development.

Develop competencies optimally

Role-specific and employee-individual.

The traperto competence management supports the targeted promotion of your employees according to their roles, personal strengths and perspectives. Instead of a selective review, you enable development perspectives, reduce unnecessary training time and use your training budget sensibly. Also ideal for successor planning and skill-based filling of positions .

Easy to use 1

An assessment that doesn’t raise any questions.

The procedure is simple:  Create competency target profiles for the different roles in your organization and automatically assign them to the role owners via the user data import. After submitting a self-assessment and an optional external assessment, the manager receives an current competency profile of their team member. Possible, individually relevant development measures are identified by comparing the current competency profile with the role-specific target profile. 

Easy to use 2

A report that provides detailed information about competence gaps.

After submitting the self-assessments and optional external assessments, the manager receives a competence-actual profile of their team member. By comparing this with the role-specific target profile, possible, individually relevant development measures are identified.

Easy to use 3

A rollout that suits you.

After a company-specific approval process, the relevant measures end up on the team member’s learning path.

With the traperto Competence Management you support your employees and managers. And thus open up new options for action in personnel development.