Specialists for interfaces to third party systems.

traperto interface skills

We connect systems that belong together.

Especially in personnel development or sales, there are many different scenarios that require a precise data exchange between systems. We implement interfaces and middleware solutions, Software bridges to connect different systems and exchange information oneway or bidirectionally.

We are serious: We are looking forward to your interface challenges!

Third party interfaces

Our system is compatible with many third-party systems by default.

Every LMS project is always an interface project – that’s why we, at traperto, are very experienced in connecting third-party software to our LMS. Our system is compatible with many third-party systems by default.

Microsoft in your system!

Connecting Office 365 to your system world.

By connecting Office 365 to your learning management system, we enable immediate reactions to events in your Microsoft world and the integration of Microsoft tools and processes:
  • Transmission of calendar events
  • Integration of MS Teams
  • Automatic transfer of profile pictures
  • Individual signing processes with DocuSign
  • Task management with Microsoft Planner
  • Team management with MS 365 Groups

traperto interface skills

We are looking forward to your challenge.

Your application scenario is not mentioned? Contact us. There is usually always a way to connect third-party systems or exchange data – daily business for us.

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