Concepts & software for needs-based skills transfer.

Structured competence building

Measure. Manage. Train.

As a full-service provider, traperto supplies tools and services for all phases of needs-based competence development:

From the identification of trainigs potentials, through the creation to the rollout.

Identify needs

Measure: Our signal meters record where there is a need for training.

If you want to develop skills in a team as needed, you need clues as to where skill gaps are located. We offer various signal meters that report the need for the necessary competence development.

Distribution of measures

Manage: Administer measures and roll them out precisely.

Training measures must be administered in detail and priced precisely. The traperto systems allow precisely definable and target group-specific blended learning scenarios. The extremely intuitive and attractive traperto user interface creates inspiring user experiences for learners, training staff and managers.

Production of measures

Training: Create inspiring learning experiences yourself, or have us make them to measure.

If you are already creating the content yourself, you should make it as easy as possible. Our Auteron tool supports you from design to interaction formats to the approval process. So that you can concentrate on what is essential – the content.

We would be happy to create your state of the art tailor-made learning experiences for you. Cross-format, inspiring and always aligned with the learning goals. Let’s talk about your topic.

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