Comprehensively manage and administer seminars.

traperto Seminar Management

Intuitive usability of highly complex processes.

The traperto Seminar Management enables you to easily manage and roll out face-to-face training, webinars and coaching . The measures are created in the lms with just a few clicks. In addition, the directions to the event location can be planned and booking requests for hotel accommodation at the seminar location can be specified.

With traperto Seminar Management, highly complex processes are integrated intuitively in the system.

Simplification of the seminar operation

Daily relief through:

  • Separation of seminar (event content) and date (place, room, time)
  • Automated registration and deregistration processes, overbooking protection
  • Minimum number of participants display, waiting- and follow-up lists
  • Definable cancellation deadlines and cancellation costs for maximum cost transparency
  • Fully automated communication instead of manual intervention

Simplification of the seminar operation

Other important helpers for daily business:

  • Automatic distribution of documents
  • Optional self- and third-party booking to improve flexibility
  • Integration of company-specific technical and/or commercial approvals for tailor-made processes
The traperto Seminar Management is the ideal extension for sophisticated blended learning scenarios.

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