Digitise feedback, employee appraisals and target agreements.

traperto Performance Dialogue

Provide feedback and develop team-members according to individual goals in digital employee reviews

The traperto Performance Dialogue optimizes communication between manager and team member and enables digital employee discussions. With the help of a pool of questions and goals, role-specific interview sheets can be created in the shortest possible time and supplemented with employee-specific aspects . The determination of relevant measures is always based on the individual degree of target achievement .

Activation through participation and collaboration.

Involve team members and let them influence their development.

Everyone involved is part of the process and can express their wishes for suitable measures. So what really pays off for your daily business and the individual perspective of your emploees is developed in a targeted manner. This transparent and recurring process creates clarity and increases acceptance for rule discussions on both sides. And that with less preparation-work for all involved.

Goal achieved!

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